Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Festive Watermelon Treats

These are watermelon circles.
It was a fun festive summer treat and I will be making them again! To make them use a teaspoon. Cut a watermelon in half and make balls turning the spoon upside down, pushing down lightly and then turning up. Put in a plastic bowl, keep repeating this till the watermelon half is gone. Between about 10 circles, empty the juice in the sink. Once you are done with both watermelons, put the balls in the 2 halves. Now enjoy this festive melon treat!


KI said...

YUMMO!!! Good inspiration! Thanks

cavyfrg said...

Welcome back! It is good to hear from you girls! Makes me hungry for watermelon!!Good job!

Grace said...

One word: YUM!