Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall purse in a day!

This is a purse I made in just one day!
I was in my room when I picked up the sewing kit my Aunt sent me a long time ago. It included 4 pieces of felt, all different colors. I decided to use my time making a fall purse for my mom. Just in time! I found the button in my mom's little cup where she keeps all the tiny things that are lose in the house. I got a sewing basket filled with thread and needles that I used for the purse. It was a lot fun to make, and fun to use to store chap-stick, keys and other little things.


KI said...

ahhh, I love it!
Now we need to make those felt or fabric flowers to use for headbands and hairclips!!!
NICE work!

Anonymous said...

Perfect!~Your mom will love it! How nice to have everything you needed right then to complete your Fall project.

cavyfrg said...

Great job - and you know, it could be a Tennessee Volunteer purse too!!

polkie and dottie said...

I love it Polkie! Perfect for all my coupons!:)


Anonymous said...

Cute purse! I love the color, goes well with fall! (Its Grace)

Anonymous said...

It's Grace again-
I want to see more post's!

KI said...

I love how G leaves comments, but doesn't just post something herself! :)