Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm an artist!

I colored a picture today! It was in a Hello Kitty coloring book I found in my storage cabinet. It only had about one other page colored in it! I got it for a gift a long time ago and it is pretty much new. Dottie and I got 2 shots unexpectedly today. My brother had to get checked today. When we were there, my mom asked the nurse if she could schedule our shots. The nurse said we could get our shots that day. When we had got the first shot, the nurse said we needed to get another. After both of them, we got to pick out a toy or sucker. Dottie and I both got a sucker. Then my mom got us a happy meal at McDonalds.


KI said...

Getting shots unexpectedly is far from a good thing so I'm glad you got some good treats afterwards!

Grace said...

I agree with KI. If I'm getting a shot, I expect a treat afterwards!

Grace said...

Pretty Picture!