Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy Me

I've been very busy since Halloween! I just finished basketball before Christmas and I think I want to try ballet next. On Mondays I'm busy because it is an intense school and I sometimes babysit on Monday. On Tuesday I always babysit for a couple hours and then the rest of the day is spent on school. On Wednesday it is the same as Tuesday except I have Route 56 at church. On Thursday we usually go shopping and/or clean for a long time. Friday is mostly the same as Thursday. On Saturday we play with friends and my dad almost always has a project to work on that I can help with. On Sunday we go to church and when I get home I do my Bible study for that week. It is hard to keep up with my blog and busy me.


greensgirl said...

I love the new look of your blog! I know what you mean about being busy:-) I hope you can make it Sunday for the baptism and party!

Love you, Auntie

greensgirl said...

HOW DO YOU DO IT? Could I get some pointers on organizing my week? We could work out some kind of consulting arrangement....That would be great!
Love, Uncle M.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you have a very busy schedule!! I really like the way your blog looks now. I think the picture of you two girls is cute. I really like your American Girl doll. I started collecting American Girl books when they first came out and then didn't keep it up. I am not sure where those books went or I would give them to you. Anyway, thanks for blogging again! Hopefully I will see you one day soon. Love, Di

Grace said...

My goodness! Busy, busy, you!