Monday, May 17, 2010

Lemonade for sale!

Minnie Dot, Dottie, and I had a lemonade stand yesterday. Dottie made almost 3 back up pitchers of lemonade because people kept on coming. It was so hot! My mom took us to McDonald's after we had sold all of our back up pitchers. We made a lot of signs and hung them all over the neighborhood.


polkie and dottie said...

Good job, girls! It was a fun day and I was excited too that so many people enjoyed your lemonade!


Anonymous said...

Hey!~Great work! How fun..did you get any pictures??~Love, Auntie

cavyfrg said...

McDonalds is a nice treat after a hard days work!!!Happy to see that you girls are so industrious!!!

Grace said...

Lemonade! Yum!