Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Trip

We will go on a field trip next week. It's a pumpkin patch based on colonial days. That is what we are doing for history. Instead of going on the Mayflower there, we will go on the Hayflower (it is made of hay )! I got new glasses yesterday. They have butterflies on them. I love them! Dottie and I can't wait for Halloween! I will be a rockstar!!! Can you guess what Dottie's gonna be? I'll give you a hint: she will wear a pretty dress, and a sash with the name of what she is on it. My mom said we can make Halloween cookies with candy corn! The little pumpkin candy corns are my favs! I get to go get a mani-pedi at my friends b-day! I also will sleepover at her house that night. I'm so excited. Next week we don't have any school, so we can work on everything the whole week. We will try to post some pics! Text Color


Anonymous said...

Wow!~You've got all sorts of fun festivities happening!~Love the idea of the HayFlower. Can't wait to see your new glasses!~What color are they?
Maybe you guys would like to make a memorization video for us to view??~I'd love to see all your hard work in action...the very least you could do is give me a Thanksgiving performance.~Love you!

Anonymous said...

My glasses are purple, and I may recite a poem I learned in school for Thanksgiving...'Song of the Pilgrims'.
It is by Thomas Cogswell Upham.

cavyfrg said...

I like that you are posting more, I will have to check more often now! I suppose it wouldn't be fair to guess the Halloween costumes since I already know, but both of your costumes were great!

Purple glasses with butterflies - how cool!!

At Home with the Hill's said...

So cute i want to do that with my teddy bear and make a basket on my bike and let her go on a ride or two with me.