Thursday, December 2, 2010

Part 2 of Cooking up b-fast

Hi again! The computer got messed up so I could only post pics, so this an addition to Cooking up b-fast. Dottie and I got bored, so we cooked breakfast with each other. We made eggs and toast. Last night my dad accidentally gave away a Christmas present secret.....I got one of the top things on my list!! Yay!!! But I kinda wish I didn't know, but I was in the room anyway. He told me sorry, and I told him it was OK. I think it is sorta funny too.


cavyfrg said...

Yum - breakfast looks good:) Love the seasonal jammies too:):)

Grace said...

Silly, Polkie! I love knowing what is under the tree! :) But I've noticed people don't like to tell.. go figure :)

You guys made a GOOD b-fast. You're making my hungry! Haha