Monday, February 2, 2009


Do you like our new look?!?!
Our friends helped us change it.
If you like you can find their blog. Just click on the first follower on the list.
It is called The Adventures Of The Irwin Three. And it would be great
if you visit all of our followers blogs!
Oh and cavyfrg you have to start a blog too.


cavyfrg said...

The new look is fantastic - it looks professionally done!! I like the colors too. As for a cavyfrg blog, I think we will have to see how technical Miss Kitty is! She does like to sit on the keyboard!

June said...

Emma and Grace I sure had a great time crafting with you. We will definitely do it again!!! I don't have a blog but you can always email be at: I plan on following your blog. Tachan we loved having you and the whole family over. You are really great parents, with 4 well-mannered children. June