Saturday, February 21, 2009

Funny Miss Kitty Story!

Our Aunt just sent us this story about Miss Purrrrrfect!

One night last week, we were sleeping and I heard a loud banging noise. I got up to investigate and saw Miss Kitty sitting on her hind legs right in front of the side window of the front door. She was batting the window with her front paws repeatedly........first one then the other! When I got closer I could see another cat sitting at the window on the outside! The cat was white with brown spots and I had never seen it before.It wasn't doing anything but looking and Miss Kitty looked like a Rock'Em Sock'Em robot!!!

We think she's been watching our Uncle and Aunt play boxing on their Wii!!!!


cavyfrg said...

She was much better than we are!I think maybe she was watching your Aunt in Portland play WII! We saw her play at Christmas & she was unbelievable! She was leaping in the air & almost went into the TV!

cavyfrg said...

Oops - correction on my previous comment. Juniper's "Mom" in Portland would be your cousin not your aunt!