Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gus's Dog Neighbors!

This is Gus's Dog

Tessa is the white fluffy dog. She died last year but she was very fun to play with and exciting to see.

Below her, is Grace. A dog they got after Tessa died. When they got her she was missing her leg she still is very active but she hops to walk.

Below Grace is Lily. She is very peaceful but still can be playful. She does not like getting bugged by other dogs but she loves Grace. She liked Tessa too.


cavyfrg said...

Girls and Gus - it is so good to hear from you again and I love the dogs. Grace is so sweet and Lily is quite the cowgirl! Plenty of fun friends!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Tessa (thats her name, right?), But hey! Grace is so, you know, just, CUTE! Lilly is the best with that hat. Hee hee. Ye Ha!

Diane said...

Hi Polkie and Dottie,
I just thought I would look and see what news you had on your blog and it was nice to see photos of my girls. Lily is such a rebel! Thanks for walking them today.