Monday, April 20, 2009

Scribbles,Marshi and Gus

Scribbles and Marshi ( I call Marshmallow Marshi for short ) and Gus get along well.
Gus likes to snuggle up against Marshi. Scribbles does it too but he loves to explore the house!
Scribbles and Marshi are 6 months. They came from the same mother.
I still have not found the seeds I want yet. I may get them tomorrow though. I'll post soon!


Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo!! Welcome, Welcome Marshi and Scribbles!!~~Glad Gus is enjoying his new siblings!

cavyfrg said...

Wow - we don't check in for a few days and look at the big news!!! The new guineas are very cute and Gus seems happy to have new friends. I like the names, but burnt marshmallow sounds painful!The two of them together look about the same size as Gus. Do they stay in the same cage?

Anonymous said...

They are just the cutest! Marshmallow sounds like chuby! And Gus, does he like food as much as the mouse on 'Cinderella'? Just wondering... Anyway, there is just somthing about them that makes them so cute!