Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visit to the VA

The VA is the Veteran's Administration. I was able to tour the hospital this past Friday with my good friends that work there for "Take a child to work day". I got to participate in the once a year earthquake drill. This is our friend Bill pretending to be an victim. That's fake blood on his hand. And that's fake hair!
The picture above is the pharmacy robot. It distributes medicine very quickly.
This is me in my scrubs. Scrubs are clothes that protect you when you are delivering and picking up instruments (instruments are medical tools) from different floors which Wanda and I did.
I had so much FUN!!! Thank you Bill and Wanda!


greensgirl said...

So cool!! What a great day, and great friends to take you:-)
Lovies, Auntie Lisa

KI said...

What a fun day! Maybe a peek into your future career? :)

cavyfrg said...

How exciting to be an insider at such an important event! It seemed like you learned a lot too - the descriptions of the days events were very interesting and informative. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow!~~what a Great day you had~~you look good in the scrubs!~~And Bill sure looks good in his fake hair!~~I would have never guessed it was him!

Diane, Lily and Grace said...

Gosh, I thought you were a real doctor when I looked at the photos before I read your blog. Definitely you look the part. What a fun and interesting day. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wonderful time at VA - glad you could do it. Scrubs are becoming

Anonymous said...

Azure says,
I really like the scrubs you were wearing Polkie.They made you look like a real doctor!Did the scrubs wore fit you good?Someday I would like to wear scrubs and observe somebody like you did.I would have had a good time.The scrubs made you look like a very,very,very,very important person.
From Azure.